About Us
Welcome to Flashline Electronics Inc., your premier source for high quality Printed Circuit Boards. Our prices are among the best in the industry. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. In our facility, quality begins the moment your project is in our hands. Our staff engineers work with our customers throughout the initial design and development process to assure manufacturability as well as product quality and consistency.

We strive for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction in all that we do. At Flashline Electronics you will always encounter professionals who are courteous and friendly. We recognize that our customer's needs are an integral component of being the best, and that is why we remain a leader in the industry. As part of our constant effort for improvement, we welcome your feedback.

We believe that the right tools and a committed workforce are essential to quality and long-term success. It is our commitment to you that as we grow, not only will we continue to keep our quality, service and price commitments, but we will continue to implement the latest technologies to bring you the best and most reliable designs, and printed circuits boards available on the market. We will continue to push technology development and investment in order to maintain quality edge.

We design and engineer top-quality products and solutions from concepts to complete turnkey products, by directly working with our clients to collect the requirements. We have designed and built our software portal and online solutions in-house with the customer focus and committed to constantly improve our tools to satisfy the latest trend in the industry.

* Requirements Gathering
* High-level Architecture
* PCB Design and Layout
* Software Development
* Cost Estimation
* Online Order processing
* Online quotation
* Simulations
* Test and Validation Planning
* Design Specifications
* Processor and Parts Selection
* Prototyping
* User Interface Design
* Mechanical Design
* Pre-production Design Validation
* Services

We appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you.